How to harness a horse to a carriage

For safety reasons the correct order is important.

Keep the reins continuously available.

1. The shafts – on both sides

Attaching the shafts – quick release shackles/buckles depending on the harness model.

The correct way to attach the traces depends on the evener and the model of the traces– quick release shackles can be attached to nearly all carriage models.

2. The traces – on both sides

The traces through the trace carriers.

3. The breeching straps – on both sides

Attaching the breeching – the attachment points of the breeching straps are determined by the size of the horse, the type of the harness and the shafts.

As straight vertical and horizontal lines as possible.

The clearance of the shaft is regulated by the tension of the breeching straps and traces. The heavier the carriage or a carriage without brakes, the less clearance meaning tighter breeching and traces.

The shafts moves freely in the shaft tugs. The amount of the movement is determined by tension of the breeching straps and traces.


1. the breeching

2. the traces

The traces can also be unbuckled from the quick release shackle.

3. the shafts

The correct order is important for safety reasons. For safety reasons the shafts are always last in order.

Carriage: Tidaholms Vagnar

Harness retailer in Finland: Hessitarvike / Heidi Sinda

Horse: 4yo Finnhorse mare Aamun Hurmo

All the tutorials in English can be found on our Youtube chanel: MW Hevospalvelut


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